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Completed Projects

We have both come a long way and have successfully woven strategic game plans for each project we have been privileged to serve. Unique in their own right, there was no challenge too great for our collective creativity when it came to the benefit of each client.

"While I bring projects to the table, Colleen wraps them up in ribbons and bows, word and song," Grant Kelba.



Raptor Ridge RV Resort

Hired for the Spring/Summer of 2023 to update and manage the Website, SEO, and Marketing platforms of the open-to-market Phase 1 sales of this rising Badlands RV Resort.

2022 - 2023

Ridgestone Villas

Completed the sale of 2 duplex lots in the retirement community of Ridgestone Villas located in the historic Alberta town of Black Diamond. *Stay tuned and we'll announce their completion on MLS!

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2020 - 2022

Square Butte Ranch

Square Butte Ranch is an upscale private bare-land condominium ranch resort located just outside of Calgary in Foothills County. 48 residents share the amenities that this working ranch offers them. Running this community is like operating a small and independent municipality as this self-contained community has its own water plant, sewer system, and common facilities that include pastures, barns, a saloon (community hall) forests, pathways, and a road system. KelbaCorp was the operations manager who coordinated all activities and set in place operations functions that are still present today. We also managed the rebuild after a devastating wind storm caused hundreds of thousands of dollars to several buildings.


Bar KC

The Bar KC ranch is a corporation owned by many independent owners who all have a stake and a home on this 480-acre property that backs onto 4500 acres of Kananaskis parkland. KelbaCorp was in charge of maintenance personnel as well as securing service contracts, financial management of the corporation, and project implementation while working and reporting to a Board of Directors.

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2013 - 2016

^6 Ranch Property Manager & Sales Advisor

Approached by the receiver, KelbaCorp took on the task of managing and preserving the assets of this historic ranch located just west of Calgary on the way to Banff. This included evicting the current occupants and policing the 12 buildings located on site. This required extensive work resulting in Colleen and I living on-site in an 18-room hotel for three years, on their own. “It was a combination of 'The Shining' and 'Green Acres' every day.” says Colleen. After three years of cleaning, maintaining, protecting the water rites, staging and showing the property and working for the new buyer for the last year, KelbaCorp played a leading role in obtaining the highest purchase price for the receiving shareholders.

2000 - 2016


Grant joined BrandAlliance at a time when his other company, Resort  2 Fitness (See 1994 -2000 below) was experiencing the bubble burst of 2000. He quickly identified the opportunity for technology to be employed in the Promotional Product Advertising industry and worked to secure major accounts that could use a web store and fulfillment house for large companies with many locations. This secured an account that grew the company by hundreds of percentage points virtually overnight, which also brought many sales awards and milestones to his desk. Creating an e-commerce platform for clients to use to ease their regular order hassle, KelbaCorp was a leader in the now common web shopping e-commerce industry.

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Heated Pool

1994 - 2000

Resort 2 Fitness

A personal commitment to health, wellness and tourism brought Grant to create an online Travel company that sold only health spa and wellness vacations to clients around the world using this thing called the Internet.


As one of the first 500 domains in Canada, went from no one giving this Canadian entity a time of day, to becoming the second-largest health and wellness travel company in the world within two years. Thousands of people booked their vacations using this new medium and Grant eventually hired his staff through the Canadian Paraplegic Association so he could set them up in their homes.


“I wanted to provide jobs to people who had a distinct disadvantage in the workforce," Grant shares.


Resort2fitness set a standard that many other travel companies then followed. The strategy of taking it public at the time of the bubble bursting put a halt to this company.

1994 - 2000+

40 years strong!

Harvey The Hound

From creation and trademark, part-time contract business, and original performer to full-on purchase by the Calgary Flames, Grant Kelba created the first NHL Mascot to ever grace the ice! Hallowed by his fans for over 40 years it all started with a 23-year-old visionary, Grant Kelba: the legend behind the mask.


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