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To provide our clients with exceptional service and support

throughout the entire transaction experience.


Professional . Honest . Solution-centred


Be Specific. Be Brief. Be Immediate

Grant Kelba

Grant Kelba is committed to his community and the people in it. An accomplished entrepreneur and award-winning business professional, Grant has applied these skills to the world of real estate, business development, and property management. He has dedicated his professional life to benefitting Alberta’s economy as a whole by valuing people, and relationships while encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

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Colleen Kelba

Colleen Kelba is a published author, poet, and songwriter. With histories in the hospitality and Senior Care industries, Colleen expanded her repertoire of talent to the real estate marketing world in 2016 treating every client like a guest of honour. Achieving her Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant Certification in 2021, Colleen allows Grant the freedom to serve their clients while she sets the table with ribbons and bows, word and song.​

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KelbaCorp offers a full range of Residential, Commercial, and Real Estate Development Consultancy

services including Licensed Property Management.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we offer our experience,

knowledge, and expertise in the industry to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Your dream homes and big dreams are in good hands!

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