Grant Kelba

Real Estate Professional and Property Manager

Grant Kelba is an entrepreneur that optimizes out-of-the-box thinking and innovative business processes. His complete conviction to killing sacred cows and shatter current business models almost always creates a new way of doing things for companies that value people, encourage innovation, breed creativity, and operate with soul.

Colleen Kelba

Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant/Marketing Writer

A published author with a history of poetry, songwriting and music Colleen expanded her gift of word to the real estate marketing world for CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty in 2016. Achieving her Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant Certification in 2021, she allows her partner in Life and Business the freedom to serve their clients while she sets the table with ribbons and bows, word and song.








This is how much time I have until I turn 85 years old. I will not allow myself to have a bad day when I only have this much time until then? What does your countdown clock read?

– Grant Kelba