iwillhelp ltd.

iwillhelp was created to close the gap between a company's desire to reward their customers and to also support their local community.

We don't feel the need to change behavior, we are just providing an application that enables organizations to do what they already want to do.

Iwillhelp was created in response for the need for small business to engage in a better and more frequent way of donating to charitable causes. And we found that the best incentive for companies to do this would be if they somehow got credit for the donation that would lead to more business down the road. Iwillhelp does that in a simple and easy way that provides all the value and recognition that companies crave, while creating a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with their clients. Sign up for iwillhelp at www.iwillhelp.ca

This is your chance to "do good" and feed your business success. "You may be only one of many, but one is louder than the silence of the many" -Colleen Doey-Kelba